3rd Joint Rio de Janeiro Extragalactic Meeting at CBPF

On August 21 we had the third of our joint extragalactic meetings in Rio de Janeiro. Our meetings started earlier in 2015 in an attempt to enhance the interaction between the five (!) extragalactic astrophysics groups scattered around the city. The participating institutes are the Observatório Nacional (ON), the Observatório do Valongo (OV) and the Instituto Física (IF) both of the Universidade Federal de Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), and the Centro Brasileiro de Pesquisas Físicas (CBPF). The new initiative aims at meeting about once a month at one of the participating institutes to present and discuss our research in extragalactic astrophysics. The inaugural meeting took place on May 20, 2015, at the Observatório Nacional. The second joint meeting, on June 24, 2015, was hosted by the Observatório do Valongo. The third meeting, on August 21, 2015, took place at the CBPF. A photo impression of that event can be seen below. The fourth meeting will probably take place at the end of October, due to the annual meeting of the Brazilian Astronomical Society taking place in September.

CBPF_group_croppedThe 3rd Joint Extragalactic Meeting at CBPF, 21/08/2015. Top row, left to right: Rodrigo Magalhães (ON), Marco Grossi (OV/UFRJ), Maryory Agudelo (ON), Yolanda Jiménez Teja (ON), Vanessa Pacheco (CBPF), Beatriz Blanco-Siffert (IF/UFRJ), Karín Menéndez-Delmestre (OV), Miguel Quartin (IF/UFRJ), Damián Mast (CBPF), Roderik Overzier (ON), Thiago Gonçalves (OV). Bottom row, left to right: Fabio dos Anjos (CBPF), Joel Carvalho (ON), Edu Telles (ON), Murilo Marinello (ON), Cristina Fernandes (ON), Bruna Vajgel (ON), Martín Makler (CBPF), Beatriz Ramos (OV/UFRJ), João Paulo Nogueira (OV/UFRJ). [Photo credit: Martín Makler]

ps: It strikes me what a young group this is. A similar extragalactic astrophysics group photo taken at any European or US-based institution would probably include a lot more grey hair!