Seminar Dr. Isa Oliveira at IAG/USP – Timescales of Proto-Planetary Disks

On September 2, 2015, Isa Oliveira gave the astrophysics seminar at the Instituto da Geofísica e Astronomia (IAG) of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP). Summary (by Dr. Oliveira): Planets are believed to form inside protoplanetary disks. The lifetimes of these disks have strong consequences on theories for planet formation, as short-lived disks could not allow enough time for planets to form. Observations show some disks to live more than 10 Myr while others are completely dissipated at 1 Myr already. It is still unclear what originates this discrepancy. I will show recent results on disk-bearing and diskless young stars in the Serpens Molecular Cloud and discuss some implications for the study of protoplanetary disk evolution.


After-seminar dinner at brazilian/asian fusion restaurant Mestiço with colleagues Jorge Melendez, Paula Coelho, and Rodrigo Nemmen of IAG/USP. Photo credit: Jorge Melendez.