Tour of Observatório Nacional

Observatório Nacional main entrance gate at Rua General José Cristino, No. 77:

P1020221 P1020219

The “pink house”, where the director and his staff work:


The Emmanuel Liais (ON director from 1870-1881) pavillion, where today’s research in astrophysics is being performed:

P1020245 P1020252

P1020250 P1020195

Our on-site pay-by-weight restaurant:


Historical telescope buildings across the beautiful campus of the Observatório Nacional:

P1020282 P1020364

P1020358 P1020350

P1020291 P1020285

P1020303 P1020846

The replica of Marcgraf’s quadrant, which was used to perform the first astronomical measurements in South-America during the Dutch colonial rule of Mauricio de Nassau (1636-1644):


Astrophysics students discussing near our giant iron meteorite:


Surrounding views (feira de São Cristóvão, Maracanã stadium, Corcovado):

P1020269 P1020271 P1020266

The library of the Observatório Nacional:

P1020375 P1020373


Astrophysicists discussing the “big questions” of the universe:

P1020812 P1020807

The street elevator at Rua General Bruce, No. 586, giving access to the Observatório Nacional campus and the Museum of Astronomy:

P1020314 P1020323

The Museum of Astronomy and related Sciences, and beautiful stained glass window from 1920:

P1020312 P1020333